Snapdragon 8 Gen1 dieshot

Image from TechInsights and floor plan by me.

X2 core3.46 
A710 core1.45 
A510 dual core cluster0.88 
CPU cluster15.11 
SD8 G1123.05

While comparing with Exynos 2200,SD8 Gen1 has a way bigger X2 core(+138.6% size compare to A710) than Exynos 2200(+69.8% size compare to A710).And A710/A510 all being 12.8-15% bigger than Exynos 2200.

It’s shows SD8 gen1 could be slightly lowwer density over all comparing to E2200,and increased X2 core size for high clock speed.But after all SD8 Gen1 has been simply ported to TSMC N4 and didn’t actually released higher clock variant.

*Due to image itself are no really that much high resolution ,SRAM density results of SD8 Gen1 may be underrated.

SRAM(MiB)size(mm^2)SRAM density(MiB/mm^2)
L362.07 2.89 
SLC41.31 3.05 
total103.38 2.96 
SRAM density
Exynos 2200(SS N4/32KiB block)3.647 
A14(TSMC N5)3.527 
M1(TSMC N5)3.339 
Google Tensor(SS N5)3.175 
Snapdragon 8 Gen12.956  
Kirin980(TSMC 7nm)2.287 
Kirin 990 5g(TSMC 7nm EUV)2.115 
Lakefield(Intel 10nmSF)1.676 


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